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12:18 pm - Wednesday April 23, 2014

The Family (2013)

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Description of The Family (2013) is A mafia boss and his family ar settled to a sleepy-eyed city in France underneath the witness protection program once snitching on the mob. Despite the most effective efforts of CIA Agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones) to stay them in line, Fred author (Robert American state Niro), his mate Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their youngsters miss (Dianna Agron) and Warren (John D\’Leo) can not help however revert to recent habits and blow their cowl by handling their issues the “family” means, facultative their former mafia cronies to trace them down. Chaos ensues as recent scores ar settled within the unlikeliest of settings during this in darkness funny film by Luc Besson (Taken, Transporter).

Spun off a masterpiece of the many shining in film history “Goodfellas,” “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull”, actor Henry Martyn Robert Robert De Niro and movie maker master that enshrined the golden combination of Hollywood. it’s a movie maker magnetic attracted everywhere the globe, “Leon” and “Grand Blue”, Luc Besson, that has allowed to hit “transporter” and “96 hours” moreover as a producer and author. 3 super-big game that represents the industry is to appreciate the collaboration 1st, and completed the luxurious work that isn’t totally different from the expectations of the fans. the most character isn’t a “family” of that no-one saw once, a must-see blockbuster that was culminated within the amusement of the last word out-of-this-world humor and thrill, it’s “Maravu~ita”.
Blake family that has emotional to the agricultural city of France, Normandy, America’s common man initially look, however in reality I had hid tremendous secret. Fred William Blake of the Lord underneath mafia kid crying shut up, applied the witness protection program of his family Federal Bureau of Investigation, and he has been moving from the retreat round the world to talk of name. Family tries to Tokekomo the community of geographical region have such totally different reasons, however the blood of recent commotion at each issue, 2 youngsters and his mate Maggie would conjointly cause hassle in our destination is Fred quick-tempered. Mafia Don holding her long-held grudges to Fred quickly, sent the killer corps of worry to isolate the whereabouts of his. …… protect tubing of fierce battle while not humanity and justice of the “family” VS. “Family” therefore appeared is truncated!

Credit Cast of The Family (2013)
Title:The Family (2013)
Director:Luc Besson
Writers:Luc Besson (screenplay), Michael Caleo (screenplay), 1 more credit »
Stars:Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Dianna Agron … Belle Blake
Robert De Niro … Fred Blake / Giovanni Manzoni
Michelle Pfeiffer … Maggie Blake
Tommy Lee Jones
John D’Leo … Warren Blake
Dominic Chianese … Don Mimino
Vincent Pastore … Fat Willy
Domenick Lombardozzi … Mimmo
Joseph Perrino … Joey
David Belle
Elba Sette-Camara … Mobster Wife
Greg Antonacci … NY Mobster
Kresh Novakovic … Vincenze
Anthony Mangano … NY .Mobster
Jimmy Palumbo … DiCicco
Anthoula Katsimatides … Mobster Wife
Paul Borghese … Albert
Raymond Franza … Paulo
Michael J. Panichelli Jr. … Billy the Bug
Dante Bruzzese … NY Kid with Oranges
Giovanni Cirfiera … Enrico
Dan Cade … Wise Guy
Ricardo Cordero … Philly
Jon Freda … Rocco
Kevin Kolack … NY Cop at Diner
Gino Cafarelli … Bbq guest #2
Joseph Dimartino … NY guy with fruit stand
Steven Rattazzi … NY Mobster
Steven Randazzo … NY Mobster
Paul Bandey … District Attorney
Stosh Zona … NY Mobster
Mike Bocchetti … NY Light Shop Manager
Dave Bobb … NY Cop at Diner
Claudine Acs
Chris Cenatiempo … Wiseguy
Stan Carp … Don Luchese
Eric Malo
Laurent Claret
Patrick Médioni
Yvonne Gradelet
Christopher Craig … Priest
Peter Falcetti … NY Mobster
Camille Gigot … André
Gaëlle Jeantet
Lou Patane … BBQ Guest #1
Oisin Stack
Frédéric Dockès
Alice Allwright
Ingrid Graziani
Tamara Vittoz … Bbq guest
Leslie Menu
Alexandre Piot … Warren
Tamara Vittoz … Bbq guest
Franck Neckebrock
Patrick Sueur
Mark E. Phillips … NY Cop at Diner
Tom Hudson
Dominique Parage … BBQ Guest
Barbara Bolotner

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