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11:20 pm - Tuesday July 22, 2014

The Canyons (2013)

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The Canyons (2013)

The Canyons (2013) Plot Summary
The makers of The Canyons don’t appear to love the thought of trailer reviews. In fact, they don’t appear to love the thought of positive buzz, or teasing audiences with one thing…resembling something to be excited concerning. Frankly, they don’t appear to love the thought of trailers.

With a script enclosed by the perpetually attention-getting Bret Easton Ellis (author of yankee psychotic and fewer Than Zero), and a full-blown veteran–Paul Schrader (writer of Taxi Driver, co-writer of Raging Bull, etc)–at the helm, the ingredients ar definitely there for a debatable and engaging flick. One ought to be making ready oneself for a very compelling trailer. however after you click play on the on top of video…you notice that you’re aiming to need to anticipate that trailer once it arrives, as a result of this doesn’t even qualify as something aside from a postcard-like sign with 2 notable names soiled on that. They either haven’t any footage to point out, or don’t care if anybody sees this show once it comes out. It’s not even mysterious, it’s simply a well-photographed slideshow of la with some music taking part in below it. That’s it. There’s zero context, and for all we all know it could’ve been entirely comprised of stock footage leftover from a “visit L.A.” business enterprise video.

I guess it’s a radical plan for a trailer, however it advertises a town and a few names–not a show, not even a clear project is deciphered. They’re nice town shots, but…who cares? Anticipation doesn’t hinge upon the standard of the photography if there’s nothing there. you place associate degree actor within the foreground of some–two, even!–of these shots? Suddenly, you’ve got a reason to concentrate. I’m bushed favor of experimentation, however if this somehow paves the manner for trailers of the long run, we would moreover not have them in any respect (which are some things I’m not all at once critical either). It’d be nice if there was a reason to remain to the top of this non-trailer, sort of a lingering shot of one thing that captures associate degree essence or potential or a reason any to pay cash to check the show, however there’s not. All you get ar Facebook and Twitter links, that won’t facilitate answer any of the queries that this trailer doesn’t even raise.

There Pine Tree Stateasure} 2 things this trailer will well: establish the setting (over…and over…and over again) and create me expect to following, actual trailer to assist Pine Tree State perceive why this one ought to exist.

As Paul Schrader’s indie “The Canyons” continues to develop and prepare to appear front of cameras this summer, the film maker and therefore the team behind the film have taken a awfully active and concerned on-line approach in creating the show. A casting entail the lead roles went out on-line, and earlier this month a Kickstart initiative was place in situ for the last leg of finance for the film, and it’s already exceeded the $100,000 goal with flying colours. And now, Schrader needs some input on however the the film ought to look.
The director hit the film’s Facebook page yesterday and gave some pretty fascinating insight on wherever he sees indie filmmaking of late in terms of the visual approach, citing 2 terribly completely different, however somewhat similar films. Here’s what he had to say:

THE CANYONS. the fabric is classic BEE. Character driven, dialogue driven, express in word if not action. 2 visual poles ar rising within the low budget world: on one aspect, Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angeles [sic]. On the opposite Xavier Dolan’s Heartbeats. each designs combine approaches, use hand-held, work economically. each ar composed as critical fake verite. you’ll distinquish them by spoken communication Fallen Angels aspires to the characters’ POV, Heartbeat to the director’s. a 3rd path? higher examples from the small budget world? Paul S.

From what we have a tendency to gather from what he is spoken communication, of late it’s easier to form compositionally accomplished movies on a dime, notably with frequently decreasing prices of shooting digital (which he plans to try and do on “The Canyons”), and it looks he is wanting to fill his Netflix queue with movies to observe to assist get impressed. however the topic matter of his image can possible additionally inform what kind manoeuvre he takes behind the camera. enclosed by Bret Easton Ellis, the film can follow alittle cluster of la twenty-somethings — Christian, Ryan Tara, Gina and Lindsay — making an attempt to form it within the Hollywood line. unnecessary to mention, power, sex and ambition all collide because the stories unfold.

Production is slated to start in Gregorian calendar month. Any recommendation for Paul? Head over to Facebook and drop him a line or allow us to understand what movies you think that he ought to watch to organize. we predict Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience” can be an honest place to begin. Written by Irza

The Canyons (2013) Credited Cast
Director: Paul Schrader
Writer: Bret Easton Ellis
Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Gus Van Sant and Nolan Gerard Funk

The Canyons (2013) IMDB Detail

The Canyons (2013) Full Trailer

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